Janice Bryant

Dangerous Lady

Modelling Credits

Modelling Credits – Print


HSBC bill board poster of me taking a selfie

BMI shoot published in the Daily Mail

Stock shoot for Raw Pixel


L’Oreal Hair shoot

Stock – Daily Mirror


Stills shoot for West Midlands Rail

Stills shoot for CD Medical advertising Emollin

AVIVA Insurance stills shoot

Campaign for Clarins


Magazines: Published in Woman magazine (contents of your handbag shoot), Woman’s Own (nude shoot)

National Press:- 22.6.19 Published in a nude shoot for the Sun

Stockshots :- Shoot with Getty Images photographer, Napalo, Eva magazine. Guardian, The Mirror (Kiwi eyes)


National Press:- Published in a beauty shoot for the Daily Mail, Health article published in The Sunday Mail, Illustrated an article about shoes in the Daily Express, Smiley face stock shot in the Sun, Swedish weekly Aret Runt, shot in the lifestyle pages of the Mirror

Book covers:- On the book cover of a major American author, On the front of another book cover

Took part in a large stock library shoot for Caiaimage


National Press:- Daily Mail dating article, The Sun – mature dating article, stock shot published on the problem page, Tinder shoot , menopause article and a financial shoot publication, Daily Express – shot illustrating a financial article

Published in Good Housekeeping

National Press:- Daily Mail – Hair shoot and Sl-angry shoot , Express – Loss of sex drive article (stock), Guardian – stock shot, Die Welt stock shot, Daily Star – Boozy stock shot, Daily Mail – Referendum stock image, The Sun – different ages of women

Magazines:- Eva magazine (Norwegian) stock shot, stock shot printed in Terrafemia magazine (French), German paper/magazine – answering a mobile stock shot. Real People Magazine – Biographical article Boozy stock image sold for TV usage

NHS Wellness Poster Campaign
Caia Images – Stock photography shoot


Guardian – Editorial stock shot published


National Press:- Daily Express:- Express yourself article, Daily Mail – Body image, stock shot published in a German newspaper

Magazines: – Real People Magazine – Health and happiness article, Suffolk Magazine – Fashion shoot for The Revival Exchange, Woman Magazine – Body image shoot


National Press: Daily Express: – Stock shot illustrating a medical article, The Sun – Weight loss shoot, Mirror – Mature Makeup shoot, Telegraph – 2 separate articles on the ‘Zurich greater living challenge’
Woman’s Own – Turning point article

Daily Mail – Childhood hair
Hunts Post – Article about mature modelling


Enfield Advertiser, me on my paper round